Confetti dreams

Confetti dreams

Bigger, bolder and better! Dark tablecloths and walls are offset by white: silvery-white chairs, starched serviettes, pretty pearly-white chandeliers and different-sized crisp rosettes. Bring these two antithetical colours together, and you get drama!

Wedding Album_Decor_Confetti1

Wedding Album_Decor_Confetti2

Wedding Album_Decor_Confetti3

Wedding Album_Decor_Confetti4

Flower arrangements by Jean Badenhorst and Lana Fredericks/Aspen Flowers & Co; Stationery by Heather Moore/Skinny Laminx; Food by Jacques Erasmus/Hemelhuijs; Cake by Wade van der Merwe/Cakes by Wade; Photography: Gareth van Nelson/HSMimages; Styling: Cornelia Badenhorst/de liefde


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