Choosing the perfect metal for your ring

Choosing the perfect metal for your ring

When it comes to choosing rings, most focus their attention solely on the stone. However, there are other components to consider too! One element is the ring metal.

From the classics like gold or sterling silver to others such as palladium and titanium, there are many to choose from. The perfection option for you is out there!

Here are some ring metals to choose from:


According to Brides, this metal is as strong as they come. It is considered to be the most durable metal, four times stronger than titanium, and is scratch-resistant too. What makes it even better is that the price tag won’t break the bank either.

Tungsten, however, cannot be resized. This is important to remember as you’ll want to keep it forever, which means at some point you may need to alter the size.

Sterling Silver 

This metal is one of the oldest in relation to the making of jewellery. It is also quite affordable, perfect for anyone looking for a luxury look for less money.

Pure silver is too weak to be used on its own so it is often mixed with other metals to create sterling silver, which is much more durable.

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A classic choice, gold is one of the most popular ring metals. It offers several options, including white gold, rose, and yellow. Be careful when opting for gold, though. Anything under 24-karat may be easily bent, and often, to make these stronger they are alloyed with other metals. This means your ring may be weak or not pure gold. Look into that before going for gold.


Palladium looks a lot like platinum and is much less pricey. This band will be light, comfortable, and it is hypoallergenic too. It’s perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle.

It is, however, not as durable as some might hope and can be scratched too. Resizing is also a common issue related to this metal.


Initially used in industrial applications, titanium has risen in popularity for jewellery, specifically men’s wedding bands. It is light on the hand and is modern and unique. 

Jewellery made of Titanium doesn’t include alloys and is hypoallergenic. It is also very strong and mostly scratch-resistant.

A downside, however, is that it cannot be resized.

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Considering that it is one of the most rare metals out there, platinum is choice of luxury. It is also very strong, rarely gets damaged, does not fade in colour, and holds stones in place securely.

With all its upsides, a platinum band may be quite pricey. Consider your budget before you opt for this one.

Stainless Steel 

Most wouldn’t consider this one ring material, but it is increasing in popularity due to its durability, strength, and low price. It is modern-looking, and depending on how you shine it could have several different appearances. Stainless steel is also very easy to care for. All you need is dish soap, water and a soft cloth.


Cobalt comes with lifetime durability as it is approximately four times harder than platinum. It was first used in medicine and aerospace, but is now commonly used in wedding jewellery.

While it might be a bit heavy, it comes with various benefits including the fact that it is easily resizable, is mostly scratch-resistant, and is hypoallergenic.

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