Best LGBT+ couples from TV

Best LGBT+ couples from TV

TV and the LGBT community have come a long way. From a time when the idea of an openly gay or bisexual character was thought to be scandalous, we really have come a long way in celebrating all kinds of couples and sexualities.

There is still more work to do so that this community is properly represented, but here are some of the best of those couples who have already graced our screens.

Cameron and Mitch , Modern Family 


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When the show first aired, having a gay couple among the main cast wasn’t incredibly common, especially when the storyline focused on families. While there has been some criticism of their portrayal of this couple, Cam and Mitch have become celebrated among fans of the show and occasional watchers.

From their legal wedding as the US granted marriage rights to LGBT couples to them raising their adopted daughter, Cam and Mitch inspire any couple to work together to overcome life’s challenges.

Ray and Kevin, Brooklyn 99 


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Ray Holt, the stoic police captain in the show bucks the traditional stereotype of the flamboyant gay man. Him and his husband Kevin support each others very different careers and find affection and love in their shared interest. The couple also represent the struggle LGBT couples have had to suffer through to get where we are today, with references often made to the hostile, homophobic work and social environments they faced as both a gay and mixed-race couple.

Yorkie and Kelly, Black Mirror, San Junipero


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This episode was an interesting turn for the often miserable, forewarning series. Unlike other episodes which showed how technology could hurt us, San Junipero showed how Yorkie could come together because of it. The entire episode leaves you rooting for this couple, who eventually find happiness in San Junipero (which was filmed in beautiful South Africa, proving heaven is in fact Camps Bay beach).

Patrick and David, Schitt’s Creek 


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This comedy series is so outrageous but this heartwarming couple and love story gave some heart to the show. They compliment each other and show how you’re meant to support your partner, especially through tough moments.

Ian and Mickey, Shameless 

This couple really showed the difficulties of being openly gay and how hard it is to come to terms with your sexuality yourself, never mind with another person as well. Mickey went from homophobic bully to loving partner through the series, struggling with his own self-loathing as a result of ingrained hatred from his family. The sometimes hard to watch ups and downs truly reflect how hard society pushes people to deny who they are and how having someone believe in you can make a difference.

Callie and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy 


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One of the most-loved couples on TV, they have been through a lot. We mean A LOT. From a plane crash to a leg amputation, they have been through it. While not the only LGBT couple on the show, they were the first and most remembered by those who have stuck with it and those who gave the show up.

Santana and Brittney, Glee 


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From best friends to wives, the couple journey of these two Cheerios was not simple but a great one to watch. Also not the only LGBT couple on the show, Santana and Brittney were memorable as they weren’t openly out from the beginning of the show. The audience got to grow with these two and experience their journey to their personal truths and to each other.

Daryl and White Josh, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 


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They may not have ended up together but they were great while they lasted. They were loving and neither a stereotype. It was also great to watch a couple move through the experience of wanting different things and still remaining friends once they have parted.

Omar and Brandon, The Wire 


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Omar is one of the first LGBT black characters portrayed on TV with the nuance and complexity such a depiction deserves. Their intimate moments are shattered by Brandon’s tragic and gruesome end, but then again this is The Wire. 

Eric and Adam, Sex Education 


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This is a controversial one as many people didn’t think these two should have ended up together. Eric chose Adam, which is testimony to their connection. When Adam asks Eric to hold his hand, even those who don’t back this pairing were melting. While it may not work out as Adam has much to work through, it was a nice ending to this fraught relationship.

Tara and Willow, Buffy the Vampire slayer 


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This couple were supernaturally awesome. From their first meeting to their telekinetic escape, the audience were captured by their connection. Although we had to watch the tragic end as Tara’s dies, they will always be among the best couples on TV.

Angel and Papi, Pose 


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Angel and Papi are perfect. He entirely devotes his support and love to her as she strives for her dreams, while walking at Ballroom, auditioning for modelling jobs and in every day life. While they have some ups and downs, Papi is always there for her and their engagement is the cherry on top of the second season.

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