An out-of-this-world space proposal

An out-of-this-world space proposal

In today’s times, you have to be creative with your proposal. This guy decided to go over-the-top, literally, with his proposal and sent an engagement ring to space.

Capt. Stuart Shippee of the 393rd Bomb Squadron at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, popped the big question to his girlfriend Marie Lisman in a very creative way by launching a weather balloon into space with a decoy engagement ring attached to it. Lisman thought they were sending a military challenge coin up with the balloon, but Shippee swopped it for a ring at the last moment.

The ring travelled a far distance, reaching a height of over 90 000 feet, about three times the cruising altitude of a 747, before bursting and plummeting back to Earth. The balloon landed in a nearby cornfield and once the group found the ring, Shippee went down on one knee with the real ring. Of course, Lisman said yes!

“When I first picked up the balloon payload, I did not see the imitation ring until I looked down and [Shippee] was on his knee,” Lisman told “I was speechless! After the long day and difficult search for the payload I was very happy to have the ending be so special.”

Watch the video of this amazing proposal below:

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