A wedding hashtag: What it is and how to create one

A wedding hashtag: What it is and how to create one

If you’re keen on social media and love sharing your cool pictures online, then this one is for you. Wedding hashtags are getting more and more popular as time goes by. They’re a great way to get guests to be more interactive at your wedding and they’re pretty convenient too.

The wedding hashtag is simple. It’s a way to collect all the pictures from your big day. All your guests pictures can be available to you, in one place, at the click of a button. It’s a perfect organisational tool and it’s a way to share the day with your guests who couldn’t make it.

So how do you create one? It’s not very complicated at all!

There are many generators online such as Shutterfly’s Wedding Hashtag Generator, which requests that you fill in your full name, your partners full name, your nicknames, and your wedding date. With this information, it creates a wedding hashtag for you. Other online hashtag generators include those found on PastBook and Random Word Generator.

While a generator is probably the simplest way to go about the task, you may end up with something a little generic. If you want your wedding hashtag to be unique, you’ll likely have to come up with one on your own.

Thinking up your own hashtag doesn’t need to be a tedious task though. Here are a few steps to follow to ensure you come up with something great:

– Gather information 

Jot down all the relevant information related to your wedding, so you know what you’re working with. Include things like your full names, the location of your wedding, the year, the venue’s name, the country or city your wedding is in and the style of your wedding. These are always a good place to start.

– Include some puns or pop-culture  

Get punny with your names! If your surname is Adams, you could go for #HappilyEverAdams. If your surname is Bell, you may go for #SavedByTheBell. The options are endless.

– Review what you have 

Once you have a short list of wedding hashtag options, give them a look again and compare them. Ask yourself: Is it original? Is it too long? Are the words easy to spell? Is it clear?

You want to keep it original to ensure that no other couple uses it too. If that happens, you’ll get another weddings photos in your hashtag. If it’s too long or the words are easy to misspell then you’re likely to miss some of the uploads due to many variations of your hashtag. Ensure that you capitalise each word for clarity.

– Let the guests know 

Now that you’ve chosen or created your perfect hashtag, you need to let people know! Include it on the invitation, ceremony programs, menus and put up some signs at your wedding.

Here are some fun examples of wedding hashtags and how couples have spread the word about them at their weddings:

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