A pawsome posy: Puppy bouquets

A pawsome posy: Puppy bouquets

Flowers are stunning, but they’re also a bit expected for a wedding day. Why not swop them out for some adorable puppies instead?

Puppy bouquets are a great alternative that offers more than just a few extra cute wedding guests. Couples work with animal shelters and rescues to showcase the sweet pups at their weddings in the hopes that someone in the crowd will adopt them. This way, you help dogs in need find their forever home.

If you love this idea and would like to include it in your big day, there are a few things to keep in mind. The health and safety of the dogs must be a top priority, so it is important you have structures in place to protect them.

Before bringing the dogs, make sure a welfare check has been conducted. Things to consider are whether they are old enough to be taken away from their mother, whether they have been vaccinated, and whether any of them have any injuries or anxieties that may affect them being outside.

These puppies are not toys, and not meant to be held throughout the ceremony. Instead of carrying them down the aisle, the bridal party can simply swop out their floral bouquets for the pups during the official wedding photoshoot. This limits the time they have to be held down.

For the photoshoot, make sure to brief your party on the proper way to hold a dog as those without pets may to be familiar how to do it.

It’s also important to be considerate of loud noises. If you plan on having dogs present, a fireworks display is a really bad idea as it can make them very nervous and scared. Loud music, horns or just the general traffic of a busy wedding can all contribute to their anxiety.

Having a safe space where the pups can rest, away from the guests will also be really helpful.

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