5 things to know before you colour your hair

5 things to know before you colour your hair

Always dreamt of being a redhead or finally ready to try platinum blonde? But what if it doesn’t suit me, how will I maintain it and what if my hair breaks off? We dig a bit deeper and give you 5 things to consider before you colour your hair:

1. Choose a colour that suits your skin tone

When it comes to choosing what colour to go for, not only do you need to think about whether the colour you fancy will suit you, but whether the undertones of the colour will suit your skin tone. For example, there can be ashy or red undertones in brown colours, and it’s not that you can’t wear either, but one will be more complimentary than the other. Think about what colour you want to bring out in your face:

– Cool-toned skin has pink or olive undertones

– Warm-toned skin have more yellow or gold undertones

As a rule of thumb, if your veins appear blue or purple, you probably have a cool undertone, whereas a greener appearance indicates a warm undertone. You ideally want to go for an opposite undertone when it comes to choosing your hair colour, so platinum blonde and chocolate brown would be the right undertones if you have a warm skin tone. Sound complicated? Well, it is, and that takes us to the next point…

2. Leave it to the professionals

Slow and steady wins the race and when it comes to making major colour changes, it’s no different. If your goal is to go from dark brown to blonde, it’s better to ease into it and go lighter gradually, every time you go back to the salon. If you simply don’t have the patience and want instant results, be sure to go the professional route and choose a reputable salon that uses the new WellaPlex system. It works at protecting the hair shaft, allowing for extreme colour changes with minimal damage to the hair cuticle.

3. Subtle shade changes don’t fade as fast 

A vibrant wash of violet will make a colour statement like no other, but with this comes the unfortunate reality that when going drastic in colour, the colour tends to fade faster than more subtle shade changes. Sometimes a simple tone change can give you the wow factor you’re looking for, by taking your current colour up a notch, giving you shine and richness without the commitment needed for a complete overhaul.

4. Going lighter hides the grey

If you are going grey and not quite ready to embrace it, lightning your hair colour works wonders at melting away those greys. This doesn’t mean you have to go blonde, even by adding some caramel streaks into your brown hair will work wonders at helping to prevent that strip of regrowth at the roots.

5. Choose the right products

You’ve taken the plunge and changed the colour, now don’t skimp on the aftercare. You want to protect the vibrancy of the shade for as long as possible, so start with making sure it’s conditioned properly. Colouring hair will make it more porous, which means it loses moisture easily and will then lose the colour faster too. To combat this, avoid over washing hair, use cool rather than hot water, and use a product that is colour protecting like the WellaPlex No3 Hair Stabilizer.

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