Silky pre-wedding must-haves to help you look your best

Silky pre-wedding must-haves to help you look your best

Whilst planning a wedding is incredibly exciting, it can also prove to be extremely stressful – high levels of stress and late nights of restless sleep spent worrying about your to-do-list can wreak havoc on your skin.

Not just a catchy phrase, beauty sleep is a real thing. When it comes to your beauty routine, sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth. Your body and skin repairs itself and recovers while you snooze, so to ensure glowing skin, luscious locks and healthy sleep leading up to your big day, we’ve rounded up some pre-wedding must-haves which will also make for perfect gifts for your bridal team.

Silk is a gift from nature and the ideal organic skincare and anti-aging solution! Dermatologists, hair specialists and plastic surgeons all recommend sleeping on 100% silk pillowcases. Silk has very similar properties to human skin in that it contains a natural protein that contributes to skin health by speeding up the metabolism of skin cells, while delaying the aging process and calming the nervous system.

Silk Pillowcases:

Compared to other fabrics, silk has long, smooth fibers that do not rub or irritate the skin. Sleeping on 100% organic silk pillowcases has both skin and hair care benefits:

• naturally hypoallergenic
• prevents facial skin from creasing
• maintains hydration
• keeps your skincare products on your skin, enabling you to make the most of your beauty routine
• eliminates sleep wrinkles
• prevents hair from frizzing and ends splitting
• reduces the loss of natural hair oils and moisture so that hair retains its natural glossy shine
• minimizes damage to thinning of hair
• naturally hypoallergenic
• repels dust-mites

Available in standard (R490), king R589) and travel size (R257).

Sleeping Masks:

Made from 100% pure silk (inside and out) with an adjustable strap, The Silk Lady’s Sleeping Masks (R337) offer two-fold benefits – the luxurious feeling of soft mulberry silk against the skin, and the comfort of darkness as it blocks out light. The soft and smooth surface helps prevent facial skin from creasing during the night and allows your delicate skin to breathe so the face rests comfortably without pressure on your skin. The Satin Silk used will not absorb your valuable night creams, but rather helps to retain the natural moisture in your skin throughout the night, keeping skin hydrated and nourished. Also included, is a pouch filled with organic French lavender to help promote relaxation and deep, restorative sleep. The deluxe, oversized sleeping mask (R425) covers the ears, so you sleep wrapped in your own luxury silk cushion.

Organic Peace Silk Beauty Cocoons:

The Silk Lady’s Organic Peace Silk Beauty Cocoons (R375) is an all-natural way to exfoliate and promote smooth, plump and nourished skin (a great alternative for people who love nature without cruelty). Gentle enough to use every day without damaging the epidermis, the surface structure of the silk cocoons is softly abrasive which helps to remove impurities, dead skin and make-up residue, revealing a silky smooth and radiant complexion. When soaked in warm water, Sericin, a key protein created by Bombyx mori (silkworms) is released which, when used regularly, helps to wipe away wrinkles, effectively eliminate acne scars as well as reduce pigmentation. It also assists in healing injured or chapped skin and eases inflammation.

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