Why you should get married in December

Why you should get married in December

December is synonymous with one thing in the Western world: Christmas. Everyone is ready to kick back, bake cookies and be merry. Festive lights are hung and trees are decorated. In the Northen Hemisphere, people build snowmen and drink warm drinks, cuddling in front of fire places. In the bottom half of the world, we sip on icy drinks while the kids splash in the pool. Braais every day are in order.

Not many people think about getting hitched while shopping for presents and cooking Christmas lunches. However, it’s actually the perfect time to get married. Here’s why:

The atmosphere 

There’s no two ways about it: The atmosphere in December is amazing. People are generally friendlier and more relaxed. There’s a reason people call it the festive season. Everyone is feeling the love, so you can’t go wrong!

People have time

People usually have more time to travel and relax, as most people’s work either closes for a few days or people put in leave. No worrying about family and friends having to rush in and out to attend your wedding.

Families are together

December is the time where even the most hardened hearts become soft. Families get together and that’s good for you if you want your whole family at your wedding.

Save money by combining

If you want to go all out and embrace Christmas wholeheartedly, why not combine the two events? You can have your wedding on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. That way, people don’t have to spend money on two separate events and gifts. You can still remember the significance of what this holiday means for you, and celebrate the new chapter in your life with your partner all in one.

You can incorporate Christmas decor

We saved the best for last: Christmas decor! If you love the themes of Christmas, you will have a blast with the decor. Red, gold and green is the way to go! If done right, Christmas decor is the epitome of class and beauty.


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