The top honeymoon destinations, according to Pinterest

The top honeymoon destinations, according to Pinterest

The honeymoon is one of the things that newlyweds look forward to after the wedding, where they will relax and escape from everyone.

Finding the perfect place for your honeymoon can be stressful, but luckily Pinterest has made this process easier. Most couples use this App for planning, and create boards for the places they like and want to visit in the future.

Researchers analysed Pinterest trends to find the most loved destinations when it comes to post-wedding getaways. They looked up honeymoon boards on Pinterest as part of their research, then calculated the most loved and pinned boards by tracking their pins.

Their research showed that exotic places with beaches are the most popular destinations. Bali tops the list, followed by Italy and Hawaii. Europe is the most popular continent, with six destinations to appear in the top 20. Alongside Italy, the research findings revealed that Ireland, Greece, France, Iceland, and Spain are also most loved.

Here is a compilation of top honeymoon destinations in their order, according to Pinterest.

– Bali – 998 boards

-Italy – 997 boards

-Hawaii – 992 boards

-The Maldives – 981 boards

-Ireland – 980 boards

-Thailand – 980 boards

-Mexico – 949 boards

-Greece – 757 boards

-India – 734 boards

-Costa Rica – 729 boards

-Japan – 717 boards

-Jamaica – 699 boards

-New Zealand – 601 boards

-France – 500 boards

-Iceland – 499 boards

-St Lucia – 477 boards

-Aruba – 442 boards

-Bahamas – 417 boards

-Spain – 415 boards

-Fiji – 408 boards

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