The tie vs the bow tie

The tie vs the bow tie

Are ties out of fashion and has the bow tie taken over? The answer is NO! Both are equally acceptable and both are the ultimate accessory. As a groom, one of the most important fashion decisions you will need to make is whether you’ll be sporting a tie or a bow tie. With a variety of shapes, patterns, colours and styles, you really cannot go wrong with either, so here are some pointers:

The Tie


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Can you think of a more complementary pair than a suit and tie? There is no doubt that they just go hand in hand. When you want to keep it classic and slightly more traditional, the tie is for you.

A well-tailored suiting option is perfectly highlighted with a tie. It will complete the look, leaving you looking utterly dapper. The tie has many elements to consider, like the type of occasion you are going to, as it could work for a formal/semi-formal and smart causal event, but remember a tie should end near the middle of the belt buckle in all cases.


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Tie knots is where it gets a bit confusing because there are so many styles. Consider the type of shirt you’re wearing and the collar type of the shirt. A large triangle-shaped tie will look better with a widespread collar. A narrow knot will pair well with a straight point collar shirt

The Bow Tie


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Although you can wear a bow tie anytime, they definitely help you to stand out from the crowd. On your wedding day, you may want to keep it classic with black or white but this will not limit you, due to the variation of patterns and colours available.

The bow tie is clean and looks different, but remember to keep the rest of your outfit muted in order to let the bow tie make a statement.

If you are playing around with patterns, then stripes and polka dots are your go-tos. You can also play around with a variety of colours if you don’t opt for the classic black. Normally, the bow tie is classified as part of a more formal attire alongside the category of a black or white tie, but it doesn’t have to be as formal – we like to play it up, don’t we? But if you are associating it with a classic tuxedo, without a doubt, you’ll reach for your bow tie

It can also be worn outside of the formal bracket. This is where funky colours and patterns will play a big role as it can soften the formality and be more of a casual accessory, adding a bit of spark to just about any outfit.

By Amy-Lee Steenkamp

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