Queen Rania and King Abdullah II celebrate 27th wedding anniversary

Queen Rania and King Abdullah II celebrate 27th wedding anniversary

Jordanian royals Queen Rania and King Abdullah II celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, June 10. The Queen paid tribute to her husband in a touching post on Instagram.

A candid photo of the couple holding hands and walking side-by-side showed the comfort and love between the two.  The image was accompanied by a sweet caption declaring her love and appreciation for the King.

“How could you not fall in love with the smile over and over again for 27 years! So lucky and grateful to have you by my side, happy anniversary,” said the Queen.

Queen Rania and Kind Abdullah II (or Prince of Jordon, Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein as he was then known) met in  August 1992, at a dinner party.

In his book, Our Last Chance, Kind Abdullah II detailed the night they met. “When my eyes fell on her, I said to myself: What a beautiful lady!”

At first the Queen was weary of the man pursuing her. However, she finally accepted his invite to have dinner in November, 1992, after he tirelessly made an effort to woe her by finding out her interests and her indulgences. He found out from a friend that she loves chocolate, and sent her a box of Belgian chocolate, which was the move that lead her to accept his first date request.

“Things evolved and we began to talk more and go out together. On January 30, I invited Rania to dinner for my birthday, where my father sat next to her, and was amazed by her beauty and intelligence,” said Kind Abdullah in his book.

“I took Rania to one of the best places; a mountain at the outskirts of Amman: Tal Al-Rumman, When we got off the car, I told her ‘I see our relationship taking a serious turn, and our marriage is a good idea.’ I smiled, and she stayed silent. I took this silence as a yes. We visited her parents after two weeks.”

After his family met hers, their marriage was approved and they tied the knot on June 10, 1993.

They now share 4 children together, and 27 years later are still as happy as ever!

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Image: Instagram / Queen Rania

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