New neighbours give NHS workers surprise wedding

New neighbours give NHS workers surprise wedding

Like many others, Alex Buckwell, 26, and David Collie, 36, were forced to cancel their wedding on account of the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily for them, they recently moved into the friendliest of neighbourhoods and were treated to a surprise wedding by the other residents.

The couple from Eastbourne, East Sussex, postponed their ceremony which was supposed take place in a Scottish priory. Of course, they were heart broken by this. Instead of their big wedding, they planned to eat fancy steaks in their new garden on March 23, since they had just moved in.

That evening, they heard the sound of bagpipes and a knock on their door. To their surprise they found that their new neighbours put together an impromptu wedding with champagne, bagpipes, flowers, and a bubble machine.

“It was the most touching surprise,” said Alex, who works in HR for the NHS in Eastbourne, to the Daily Mail.  “To know that this was all organised by strangers made it even more incredible. I couldn’t stop crying.”

“We’d moved into the house on the last day possible before house moves were banned and then we were in lockdown so we hadn’t met any of the neighbours.”

She said she only briefly mentioned what would have been her wedding day because the woman who lives across the road had asked her if they could swap parking spaces.

The couple danced to ABBA’s Dancing Queen as the neighbours applauded their first dance in the middle of the road.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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