Marry a local for a day in Amsterdam

Marry a local for a day in Amsterdam

Would you marry someone for a day? Apparently, many tourists and locals in Amsterdam would!

As part of an initiative to create meaningful tourism, Untourist Guide Amsterdam launched a project that allows tourists to ‘marry’ a local, but just for a day. You provide the company with a few details about yourself, pay a hefty sum of 100 Euros (R1 620) and off you go. This includes the ceremony, outfits, a wedding set, speech, picture and rings to keep.

Some may think it strange, others might like the idea of getting to know someone in a foreign place and make new friends. After the ‘wedding’ (which, of course, is not legally binding),  the new couple explore the city and you get shown around by a true Amsterdammer.

Untourist Guide Amsterdam also make it very clear that they are not a matchmaking site, nor will they allow any inappropriate requests. This is purely for sincere adventure-seekers!

Picture: Facebook/Untourist Guide Amsterdam

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