Man shocks girlfriend with proposal during game of Taboo

Man shocks girlfriend with proposal during game of Taboo

When we hear the phrase “your future is written in the cards”, we never expect it to be very literal. However, for this couple it was. A man used the card game called Taboo to propose to his girlfriend, completely taking her by surprise.

Taboo is a word guessing party game. The point of the game is for a player to get their partner’s to guess the word on their cards, without using the word written on the card and without using 5 other words written on the card.

Daunta, the man proposing, pre-arranged the Taboo cards “will”, “you”, “merry”, and “me” to come up. “Merry”, was there to ensure that his girlfriend didn’t catch on to the marriage proposal that was on its way.

Christina, his now-fiance, had the job of ensuring that Daunta didn’t use any of the words on the card in his attempt to get others to guess the word.

His partners guessed the words correctly, and Daunta threw the cards on the ground as they guessed each one. At the end of the round they tried to remember how many of the words they guessed correctly. In order to examine this, Daunta got down on one knee to look at the cards he threw on the floor.

As he picked them up he read each one, “Will. You. Merry. Me”.

It took her a while, but once she understood she was absolutely shocked!

Watch it all happen here:

Image: Screenshot from video

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