Man proposes 10 000 feet in the air while skydiving

Man proposes 10 000 feet in the air while skydiving

Sky-diving from 10 000 feet in the air is a rush as it is, but this man decided to add another thrilling element by proposing!

When 26-year-old Blake Miller knew he wanted to propose to girlfriend Laura Wittmann, 26, skydiving seemed like the natural way to do it.

“We are both so passionate about skydiving. There was no other place that I wanted to propose than when we were on a jump together.” he told Metro UK.

He waited for the right time to pop the big question.

“I brought the ring with me every time we went to the skydiving center but it was never the right jump with the right conditions.”

Finally, the right time came, and close friend Josh Maxfield wore a camera on his helmet to film the proposal.

“He had the camera secretly filming as we were going up to altitude. I was extremely nervous. I was worried Laura would get emotional and make the jump a little harder. I made sure I proposed halfway up so we had enough time to settle down and focus on the jump.”

Wittman was surprised by the proposal, but of course said yes.

“I hadn’t expected it at all,” she said. “It was a normal jump with our friends. Blake was moving around in the plane and I was getting annoyed with him because you are not supposed to do that. When he turned around, I was kind of mad at him but then he proposed and it was really awesome.”

“I was just worried about the ring,” she explained. “I put it on my finger and closed my fist during the jump.”

Watch the video of their engagement here:

The pair plan to tie the knot in a hot air balloon before skydiving out of the balloon as husband and wife.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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