Man projects his proposal against the Burj Khalifa

Man projects his proposal against the Burj Khalifa

Some people love going big to pop the big question, and involving a world-famous landmark truly takes the cake. This man got creative with his proposal by involving the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

A Dubai-based Indian national, who has not been named, went down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend of five years on November 4.

Using the world’s tallest structure and building as a backdrop, he projected sweet messages to his future wife.

“You gave me a whole new world”, “Can I have it forever?”, and “I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else”, read the projections.

Speaking to Gulf News, the anonymous man gushed about his partner.

“She’s a very selfless person, always putting others before herself, she gelled well with my entire family more than I ever did. She always gives her unconditional love and she’s always willing to try new things. She’s full of life. It’s cheesy, but I like who I am when I’m with her. We’ve grown together over the years, been on this roller coaster of a life filled with so many emotions, with its ups and downs, with all the perfect imperfections.”

The proposal took months to put together.

“You have no idea how stressed I am with all the arrangements – for the last two months, I’ve been deeply engaged in picking up the perfect diamond. Then I had to plan the Burj Khalifa projection – all while being super secretive about it,” he added.

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