Man enters wedding like basketball star

Man enters wedding like basketball star

There are men who are casual sports fans, then there are men who live and breathe sports. Those men always find a way to incorporate their love of the game into their lives, whether it’s using sports terms regularly or wearing sports jersey’s with every outfit.

This man took his passion for basketball (and his favourite team – the Chicago Bulls) several steps further. We’re not sure how he convinced his bride to agree!

Instead of walking in with his suit and tie, the man sported a warmup jumpsuit. Rather than a soft, romantic wedding song for his entrance, he opted for the Chicago Bulls entrance song (Sirius/Eye In The Sky).

As he made his way to the altar, he hi-fived guests sitting in the crowd and when he reached the alter he rips off his jumpsuit (very dramatically may we add) to reveal his tuxedo.

Barstool Chicago posted a video to Twitter, showing how everything went down. “Is this the greatest wedding entrance ever or is this the greatest wedding entrance ever,” they said.

If you’re interested in hearing the song in better quality, listen here:

Some may say the wedding is more about the bride’s personality than the grooms. We’re glad to see grooms starting to incorporate their interests into their big day!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Image: Twitter / Barstool Chicago 

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