Important questions to ask your wedding vendors

Important questions to ask your wedding vendors

Planning your big day can easily become overwhelming. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to forget certain things. Protect yourself against these unexpected problems by doing your research and fact-checking these important details with your wedding vendors.

– Their payment structure

The majority of vendors will require a deposit and then the remainder of the balance in instalments. Make sure you know exactly when certain amounts are due so that you can plan your finances ahead.

– What is included in the price

This goes without saying, but you need to be exact on what you’ll be receiving with each service. Some venues, for example, might not include cleaning in their fee which would then be an extra expense you have to cover.

– Whether they have liability insurance

Liability insurance protects a company’s assets and pays for obligations such as medical costs and damage to property, giving you peace of mind should something serious go wrong.

– If they have decor restrictions

Your vision of floral chandeliers and (eco-friendly) glitter sparkling all over might be unattainable if your wedding venue is strict with what decor is allowed on site.

– If they’re accessible for handicapped guests

It’s incredibly important to cater to your wedding guests, and if any of them require wheelchair ramps, railings or any other services, your wedding venue should ideally provide them for you.

If you may you pick your own vendors

Some wedding venues have approved lists of vendors that can be used, so it’s important to check if you can bring in your own.

– Their cancellation policy

If for any reason, you need to cancel this service, it’s best to know how far in advance you have to do it to get your money (or at least some of it) back.

– If they have on-site parking

This one’s a biggie. If your guests are travelling far in cars, they’re going to need somewhere to park.

– Their backup plan in the event of last-minute change

Rain, extra guests, food shortages…Accidents happen and it’s always best to have a backup plan. Ideally, your wedding vendor has a plan in place for this last-minute occurrences.

– Overtime fees

Sometimes the party is too good to end. In the event of going overtime, you don’t want to be surprised with an exorbitant bill from your wedding vendors. Make sure to check their rates before the big day so that you’re prepared come wedding day.

– Whether they cater to LGBTQI+ couples

Many vendors are quite traditional and do not offer their services to those who belong to the LGBTQI+ community. If this does not fall in line with your beliefs, it’s best to know before you agree to work with a specific wedding vendor.

– Ask for references!

It’s a great idea to check in with other couples who have worked with these vendors about their experiences to get a more realistic view of the service you can expect.

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