I still do: renewing your vows

I still do: renewing your vows

Renewing your vows may possibly be better (for you) than saying them for the first time. You’re likely to be a hundred times less nervous, which means your day will feel much smoother. You also may have started a little family to celebrate alongside you in the years after your vows were first uttered.

There are many more up-sides to having your vows renewed. One of these being that there are less expectations, norms and rules to follow for vow renewals. Your parents won’t require you to invite that one aunt you’ve never really clicked with, for instance.

Weddings are steeped in tradition and thus come with many do’s and don’ts. But with vow renewals, you can let your imagination run free.

If you’re worried about updating paper work, there’s no need! A vow renewal ceremony is not a legal one and thus requires no registered officiates or trips to Home Affairs. This ceremony is more about romance, celebration, commemoration and for some, spirituality.

Some couples renew their vows on a big anniversary, while others use it as a way to celebrate making it through a tough time together. But in all honesty, you don’t need a reason. Maybe you just lacked the funds for a big celebration the first time around and now have the means to throw a fancy party. That is reason enough to celebrate your love again.

So if you’re planning on a big day 2.0 here are some quick tips:

– Get creative

Since you have free reign you should go wild with your ideas. Choose a loved one to officiate, have your kids walk you down the aisle, pick that venue that you’re worried will be too much. Just go for it!

– Vows 

Since it is a renewal, you’ll want to update your vows to be more relevant to your life together as it is now, not as it was back then.

– Wedding party and registry 

These two things are usually left out of the renewal ceremony. But if you want to have them, you definitely can.

– Photographer 

Be sure to book a photographer to capture all the memories! An occasion as special as this should always be documented.

Here are some real life vow renewals to inspire you:

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