How to pack the perfect honeymoon suitcase

How to pack the perfect honeymoon suitcase

After all the stress that comes with planning a wedding, it’s no doubt that you’ll welcome your honeymoon with open arms. Just you and your partner against a backdrop of romance, quality time and breathtaking scenery in foreign places. To make things easy and to ensure that you minimise any unnecessary stress from here on out, we’ve listed some useful tips to help you pack the perfect honeymoon suitcase.

Create a packing list:

To maximise on space and save time when selecting outfits, you want to consider a few things when creating a packing list. These factors will ensure that you don’t end up taking unnecessary items that you won’t end up using. Consider the:

  • Destination
  • Weather
  • Itinerary
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

What to pack:

After carefully taking into considering what the climate will be like at your honeymoon destination and everything you have set out on your itinerary, don’t forget about these basics:

  • Versatile clothing items. These are items that can be worn to any occasion and are comfortable, practical and stylish, like a comfortable pair of pants that can be dressed up or down.
  • Try and stick to packing in wrinkle-resistant microfibers and fabrics that don’t require extra care.
  • Pack in travel-sized essentials like shampoo, toothpaste and skincare, but also share products with your S.O. where possible.
  • All important documents should be kept separate from your check-in luggage, so that you don’t end up looking for them at customs.

How to pack:

Minimising your luggage weight can prove to be a huge benefit. Not only will you be able to move around more freely with less luggage, but you can accommodate space for those souvenirs you couldn’t resist buying.

  • Layer the bottom of the suitcase with your shoes.
  • On top of the shoes, pack in all folded items. Rolling outfits into tight rolls can create a ton of extra space because you can insert clothing into every nook and cranny in your suitcase.
  • For clothing that wrinkles easily, it may be best to fold instead of roll, and then place on top of everything else.
  • Once all your smaller items have been packed, you can now pack the bulkier clothing right on top.
  • Another option would be to purchase suitcase dividers – this may take up a bit more space but will ensure that your suitcase is more organised, making things easier to find.

What to avoid:

  • Refrain from packing in items you’ve never worn before – chances are they’ll never leave the suitcase either.
  • Don’t pack in multiple items of the same kind. One pair of comfortable sneakers is enough!
  • Don’t overthink your clothing choices – you’ll end up with your entire closet in your suitcase.

By Aadilah Hallam

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