Groom's father interrupts wedding, leaves bride in tears

Groom’s father interrupts wedding, leaves bride in tears

When the officiant says ‘Speak now or forever hold your piece’, the only appropriate response is silence. Unfortunately for this couple, the groom’s father had quite a bit to say and used this opportunity to express himself.

The father ruined his son’s wedding in Detroit, USA when he let his future daughter-in-law know exactly how he felt. In a video shared to Youtube, the father can be heard saying “I know you’re not serious, man. I know you’re not serious,” as the congregation looks on in shock.

The officiant attempts to ignore him and move on with the vow exchange, but the father persists. The bride, clearly agitated, gets into an argument with the father who refuses to back down.

The bride even asks someone to escort the father out. “If you did not want to come, you can leave. You shouldn’t have come if you did not want us to get married,” she says through tears.

The situation continues to escalate and even becomes physical. Some congregants step in to break the brawl up and the bride walks away in tears. The father eventually exits as well, leaving a pretty awkward wedding ceremony and what we can only imagine was a tense reception.

Picture: screenshot from video

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