Games to play at your bridal shower

Games to play at your bridal shower

Bridal showers are a way for all the women in the bride’s life to come together, get to know each other, and celebrate the bride-to-be. Games at a bridal party keeps things light and ensure that there are no awkward silences.

Another reason to offer games at a bridal shower is to prevent the occasion from centering around gift-receiving. A common problem, however, is that the old-school, traditional bridal shower games are a bit played out.

Here are five fun bridal shower games we know you’ll want to try:

1. The Gossip Game 

The bride and the host team up to write a light-hearted, gossipy question about each attendee on little pieces of paper, fold them up, and put them in a bowl. Questions can include things like “who was Sarah’s first kiss?” or “When last has the bride’s mom bought lingerie?”.

As the guests come in, have them take a question out of the bowl. They then have to play detective, and in the process mingle and get to know each other to find out the answer to the question.

The rules are that they are not allowed to ask the question directly and there should be a set time limit of about 30 minutes to investigate.

2. Achieve the Look 

This one is simple and it’s relevant. The bride probably knows exactly what she wants her bridal make-up to look like. But it’s always good to have some options… right?

Print out multiple copies of a photo of the bride with no makeup. Each player should receive a copy of the photo and a cheap set of makeup. Have them fill in the brides makeup on the photo.

For an added twist, you could blindfold the players too. This is sure to have you cry-laughing at the end results.

3. Creating Cocktails 

Provide guests with various cocktail ingredients, set a time limit, and have them create a signature drink for the bride. Let the bride be the judge of the competition.

This one is sure to have everyone feeling merry, and the bride will have her own signature mixture to remember her bridal party by!

4. Dream Date 

Each guest should write down her dream celebrity date. On the other side of the page, they should write their nightmare date.

The bride should draw each one, one at a time, and as a group the guests should try to figure out which card belongs to who. To make it trickier, have the guests guess which side is the dream date and which is the nightmare.

5. Cold feet 

Fill a bucket with ice and place toy rings at the bottom. Each player needs to retrieve as many rings as possible in 1 minute…with their toes!

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