Four perfect e-invites for your wedding

Four perfect e-invites for your wedding

Wedding invites used to be printed and delivered to each address but technology is now helping us save the trees and our time.

While e-invites used to be tacky, these days they are the most practical and often better solution. They have expanded beyond the standard, unflattering email. Now you can send beautifully designed invitations and have guests RSVP all through the same programme.

The RSVP can also include important information you need from guests like food preferences, plus-one details and even a song request. You can then easily access these spreadsheets without having to have put them together yourself.

Here are a few online sites that will do it all for you:


E-Vite offers free and premium invite options. The free versions are a bit simpler and don’t offer quite as much customisation but are a great option if you’re trying to save.


Greenvelope allows you to upload your own custom design or use one of their templates. It has a built-in RSVP tracker which even reminds guests about RSVP deadlines if they are about to miss them. The pricing is scaled for the number of invites starting at R350 up to R1050.

Paperless Post

Paperless Post is one of the most popular e-invites on the market. You can add links to gift registries, to your wedding website and even guest accommodation options all within the beautifully designed online invite.


RSVPify focuses more on the backend. While it has customisable design and you can create the perfect invite. It has a strong engagement tracking, You can see if who and how many people have opened the invite, who RSVPd and easy follow-ups.

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