Experience Island Bliss On A Mozambique Honeymoon

Experience Island Bliss On A Mozambique Honeymoon

I bet we all daydream about a honeymoon suite with all the trimmings you see in the movies: petals strewn across a four-poster bed, Champagne chilling on ice, romantic dinners on a rooftop terrace…

Well, imagine no more. There’s no need to travel to the other end of the planet to experience the shmanciness of a luxury honeymoon, especially when our friendly neighbour Mozambique pulls out all the stops just as well.

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Stress-proof paradise

Ibo Island Lodge, in particular, has it all under control when it comes to pulling together your seamless honeymoon experience. They’ll take care of everything from your travel arrangements to and from the resort, to your daily boat excursions and historical tours.

Wedding Album | Mozambique honeymoon
Dhow cruising

Smooth cruising

Honeymooners can enjoy a seven-night package at the lodge, which includes all meals daily as well as a traditional Ibo massage for the blushing bride.

Just to make it that much more special, the tailored extras include a three-course romantic dinner for the two of you in the lodge’s garden; and, if you’re feeling up to a bit of sailing on the clear waters around the Quirimbas Archipelago, the resort offers both traditional dhow safaris as well as kayak safaris for the more adventurous.

Wedding Album | Mozambique honeymoon

Immerse the senses

The archipelago is home to a rich array of historical sites, which means hours of taking in the sights, flavours and sounds of the area for you and your hubby.

Colonial architecture tells a story of years gone by, allowing couples to get lost in another era. Of course, exploring such a vibrant culture is a great learning experience that both of you will enjoy as you interact with locals and dig in to the delicious cuisine.

Down to the details

Ibo Island Lodge’s honeymoon package also comes in a five-night version, but taking the seven-night package gives your groom a free night at the lodge. The cherry on top, whichever option you choose, is that the bride stays at half price!

Fore more information, visit iboisland.com or Mozambique’s tourism hub, mozambiquetourism.co.za.

Wedding Album | Mozambique honeymoon

Wedding Album | Mozambique honeymoon

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