Custom wedding dresses: Now may be the perfect time

Custom wedding dresses: Now may be the perfect time

There’s a lot of debate about custom wedding dresses versus off-the-rack dresses. Many claim that a custom dress takes much more time and effort. Since we’re in a nationwide lockdown, perhaps now is the perfect time to consider a bespoke gown.

With a custom gown, there are many advantages. Your imput is the most important thing, whereas with off-the-rack gows, you might have to settle for what’s available. The world is your oyster with a tailor-made gown, you can let your imagination run free to come up with exactly what your dream dress looks like. Not only that, you won’t have to spend hours in stores trying on dress after dress.

Since you have two weeks (possibly more) left at home you can get to thinking. Start by searching Instagram and Pinterest to gather some inspiration. From there, you can note which styles are your favourites, what fabrics and colours you like, and other small touches to make your wedding dress truly unique.

You could even spend some time chatting to dressmakers, offering them your ideas to see if they’re able to create something that you’d like. With the technology we have these days, you could have your entire first appointment online, as long as you can take your own measurements.

Of course, with a custom dress you may have to spend a bit more money and have a few more fittings. However, these problems are easily turned into non-issues if you try hard enough.

You may be saving money in other areas of your wedding expenses as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. For example, if your guest list is slightly trimmed to ensure that you have a smaller gathering (since we may still have some restrictions after the lockdown ends) then you’ll save money by getting a smaller venue, or by catering for less people. You’ll also save on printing and sending invitations. These savings could be used for your dress, if you’d like.

A bespoke dress ensures a perfect fit, no style limitations and many more up sides, so it’s worth considering. After all, who knows you better than you!

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