Couple wed outside grandmother's window

Couple wed outside grandmother’s window

With the coronavirus pandemic essentially taking over the world, couples are having for rethink their wedding celebrations. Those with elderly relatives have to be extra careful, as they are some of the most at-risk in the population.

Danielle Beaumier, a bride from Boardman, Ohio, refused to have her wedding without her beloved grandma. However, she wanted to ensure her safety too. In order to ensure that her grandmother was a part of her special day, Beaumier brought the wedding to her grandmother’s window.

Her grandma lives in an assisted living facility. WKFR reports that she was able to attend the bridal shower in March. However, since then social distancing regulations have tightened and the coronavirus situation has worsened. Now, nursing homes have gone into lockdown in order to protect their residents.

With just the couple, their parents, Beaumier’s grandmother, and the officiant in attendance, they held a small ceremony on the lawn outside the nursing home.

“My important thing was having my grandmother there. So, as long as that happened I was happy with the outcome,” says Beaumeir to WKFR.

The couple intends to hold their wedding celebration in August.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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