Couple swept away by wave during wedding photoshoot

Couple swept away by wave during wedding photoshoot

A wedding photoshoot should be magical, as you capture yourselves looking your best, feeling your best, and deeply in love on your most special day. An unexpected dip in the ocean, however, may turn things upside down a bit.

A newly-wed couple took to Laguna’s Treasure Island Beach in California for their wedding photoshoot. Things were going well, until they were unexpectedly hit by a wave and pulled out into the water.

Luckily, an onlooker witnessed the entire incident from a lookout close to a hotel by the beach, and alerted authorities, who rushed out to help the couple. Several lifeguards made their way into the water, and rescued the bride and groom.

According to abc7, both the bride and groom had no serious injuries.

In a video captured by an onlooker, the couple can be seen going about their business until a wave hits them. Thereafter, the video cuts to the couple being rescued from the ocean.

See it happen here:

Image: Screenshot from video

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