Bride transforms father's ashes into nails

Bride transforms father’s ashes into nails

Wanting your father to walk you down the aisle on your special day is not strange. Glueing his ashes into your nails, however…

Charlotte Walton from England had a very close relationship with her father and she knew it was his desire to be there when she got married to the love of her life, Nick. Sadly, her father passed away earlier this year after fighting cancer.

“I was heartbroken when he lost his battle because I knew how much he wanted to see us marry. I wanted him to be there but it wasn’t meant to be,” she told Standard Digital.

Charlotte at her wedding.

Then her cousin, Kirsty had the idea to glue her dad’s ashes into her acrylic nails. “Kirsty is the queen of nails and I thought her idea was amazing,” she added. “Having the ashes attached to my nails felt like he was holding my hand, I knew it wasn’t the same as him really being there, but it was as close as we could get.”

When asked what she did with the nails after having it taken off, she answered that of course, she kept them. “Now they’re framed with decorative crystals all around my home.”

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