Bride marries herself after cancelled wedding

Bride marries herself after cancelled wedding

You know what’s worse than being dumped? Being broken up with a week before you’re supposed to get married. This unlucky bride-to-be, however, turned her misfortune into a symbolic moment by marrying herself instead.

Sandra Blanco, 32, from London, was left heartbroken when her fiancé broke off their engagement a week before Christmas.

“He said he didn’t want to be with me – that was it. Apparently, he had been feeling like this even before he proposed; I was confused, devastated and in shock,” she explained in an Instagram post.

Blanco had already begun planning their wedding, as they had settled on eloping to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, she was unable to receive refunds on anything she had booked. Rather than losing her money, Blanco decided to go forward with the wedding. Except this time, she would be marrying herself.

“I didn’t cancel the chapel or the ceremony,” she explained. “I didn’t want to because I had something very special in mind; I decided I was going to marry myself. I know – sounds crazy, right? But it wasn’t.”

“It was beautiful, emotional and moving; it was a ceremony where I committed to be good to and take care of myself.”

On her wedding day, she headed out to the Little Chapel in Las Vegas, where she made a promise to herself that love would come from within. Photographer Natalie J captured the day beautifully, and male model Iain Spivey acted as the groom-to-be in the post-wedding photoshoot.

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In January 2017 I married myself in Vegas after being dumped and it wasn’t easy. Thanks to these two gorgeous souls being in Vegas was a lot easier and a lot more fun than going alone. We put together an amazing work. I started the journey of loving myself and these two guys and many other amazing people helped me along the way to keep learning and loving myself by being kind and caring of my body and mind. Only when we are gentle with ourselves we can be kind to others. Don’t forget what people are going through when they cut you off on a queue, or they push you when walking or jump a red light… #bekind always 🙏🏼💖😍 Photo @nataliejweddings Groom model @iain_spivey Dress @houseofollichon Jewellery @tessametcalfe Shoes @iamflorence1912 Veil @sashandveil #fox5dc

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“I’m a big fan of ‘cheesy’ and I wanted to make fun of such a situation, so I went to The Little Vegas Chapel,” she explained. “As I walked down the aisle by myself, the officiator, dressed as Elvis Presley, of course, spoke the kindest of words.”

The officiator’s words truly drove home Sandra’s journey.

‘Today you planned to come here with your boyfriend, unfortunately it didn’t work out and yet you still have the courage to come here now to make a promise to yourself. It is time to fully live your life, your wild and precious life,” said the officiator. “It is time to untie the stories, distractions and illustrations that keep you small and lean into the life that is waiting for you. Time to honour your innermost values, time to be gentle with your innocent heart, time to stand firmly by what you know to be true and make a bold, lifelong commitment to love.”

With this wedding, Blanco hopes to inspire others in similar positions and remind them that their pain is only temporary.

“It isn’t your end; this is your beginning and life as you know it now will open new doors and opportunities for you,” she said. “You will learn better and you will choose better; opportunities that will enable you to meet someone else who loves you more than you might ever love yourself. I promise you and you deserve it.”

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