Bride and groom pull off stunning pink attire

Bride and groom pull off stunning pink attire

Forget Western traditional white weddings. It’s no secret that Hindu weddings are a magical display of colour in celebration of love and union. This pair strayed from the Hindu tradition of bright red, however, to go with a soft pink and we absolutely adore it.

Amar Jandoo and Hiren Gondhia got married in Essex, UK, and their story is a fairytale.

“We met just over four years ago in a bar after seeing each other at the train station on our commute to work a number of times that same week,” Jandoo told Insider. “We got engaged in September 2018 in Cappadocia, Turkey, under hot air balloons,” she added.


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Fiancé has a ring to it 💍 🎈

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Their wedding took place a year later.

“Given our wedding venue is in the middle of a deer park with lots of greenery, I wanted a subtle, pastel color that would stand out and complement the flowers and decor at the same time,” Jandoo said. “Both of our outfits were purchased from a boutique in Delhi, India, called Frontier Raas,” Jandoo said. Zohaib Ali Photography captured the stunning couple.

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