Beautiful vintage wedding accessory ideas

Beautiful vintage wedding accessory ideas

When considering something old for your wedding, why not look at previous decades for some vintage inspiration? While a whole authentic vintage look is a bit much for a modern wedding, including by-gone accents is often jus the touch your wedding outfit needs to make it stand out.

We’ve pulled together our favourite vintage pieces from across the years which can easily work for a bride in the 2020s. You’ll notice we left out the 1980s, mainly because that era was a bit too much to handle.

1920s flapper veils 

This unique design has the veil sitting almost like a cap around the head. It allows for extra embellishment and frames the face beautifully.

1930s ivory silk 

If you’re not after a white wedding dress, why not consider ivory. The 1930s and 40s were all about this delicate, rich fabric. If you don’t want to go all out, silk buttons down the back or front are a beautiful touch not often seen anymore.

1950s silk pumps 

Heels these days are sky-high, but the 1950s mid-height pump is a classic. You’ll feel dainty and ladylike and not to mention way more comfortable. Often with a small pointed toe and a few embellishments, these are a great addition.

1960s veil hat 

A bit more unconventional, the pillbox hat was all the rage in the 1960s and brides would simply add a light veil to theirs for their wedding day. If you’re a lover of hats, this is a great opportunity to incorporate one without it being overwhelming.

1970s wing sleeves 

The 1970s were a hippy dream for weddings and drew inspiration from medieval dress styles. The big winged sleeves are a showstopper and can compliment a smaller silhouette. If you’re brave enough, they can add that touch of drama to your dress.

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