99 couples wed in a mass wedding

99 couples wed in a mass wedding

On the 9th of September 2019, 99 couples decided to tie the knot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All 99 pairs gathered at The Thean Hou temple to wed in a mass ceremony. The number nine is considered to be very lucky in Chinese culture. This is because ‘nine’ sounds like ‘long-lasting’ in Chinese.

Since the number nine is believed to hold a lot of fortune, September 9, which is the ninth day of the ninth month (9/9) is seen as very lucky this year. The couples decided to commit to one another on this auspicious day, to ensure that their love would be, well, long-lasting.


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The Thean Hou temple was filled with the soon-to-be weds and all of their family and friends.

Many couples decided to keep things wedding-traditional and wear classic black suits and white bridal gowns. Other couples opted for a more traditional Chinese feel and wore red as the colour symbolises joy, luck, happiness and fertility.

Before taking their vows, the 99 couples were blessed by a priest in a red robe.

The Chinese Buddhist temple was filled with life as the newly-wed couples gathered to take pictures and celebrate this joyous (mass) occasion.


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