5 ways to include your furbabies on your wedding day

5 ways to include your furbabies on your wedding day

Nowadays, pets have become one of the most important parts of everyday life, so much so that they have even become a part of bigger life events, such as weddings. If you’re planning your big day and would love to have your furbabies join the party, here are a few adorable ways that you can include your pet.


Adorn your furchild with ribbon, dog jersey, tutu or even a flower crown and let them lead the way as you walk down the aisle.



Give your pet the honour of bringing you the rings, which can be placed securely in a basket or on a ribbon around your their neck. If your pet isn’t well-behaved enough to walk straight down the aisle themselves, ask a family member or friend to assist by walking your furchild to you and your soon-to-be spouse.



Surprise your future guests with DIY save-the-dates including a photograph of your pet/s that will have them ‘aw-ing’ at the cuteness



Want to get a unique view of your big day? Strap a GoPro camera to your pet’s back and allow them to wander around your wedding venue and amongst your guests. You can look back at it after your big day and share some laughs at what your pet got up to! Ask your official videographer to include the footage in your wedding video.

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If you just want a simple reminder that your pets shared in your day, ask your photographer to take some shots of you and your pets during your shoot time. You can even dress them up in little suits, bow ties, tutus or flower arrangements to have them fit with the theme!


Having your pets join you in celebrating your big day is definitely an exciting time, but also remember to be aware of your pet’s personality and behaviour to ensure that they are not overwhelmed or mistreated at the event. If you can, assign a pet-nanny for the day to make sure they are comforted, fed, watered and not getting up to mischief.

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