5 reasons to plan a post-lockdown honeymoon in SA

5 reasons to plan a post-lockdown honeymoon in SA

Trip planning time! If you’re recently married or plan to get hitched as soon as lockdown lifts, you’ll want to go on a special vacation with your love.

A honeymoon is a time to celebrate your new life together, bond and grow close without all the hassles of everyday life like work and kids.

A honeymoon abroad may sound exotic and exciting, but it might not be possible for another while to come. We’ll let you in on a secret. Honeymooning in South Africa is actually a way better idea! Here’s why.

1. You’ll boost local economy

The South African tourism industry is on its knees since the coronavirus hit. The lockdown has been especially hard for hotels, restaurants, tour operators and travel agents. Why not play a part in helping them get back on their feet? Supporting the local industry will strengthen the economy and recover livelihoods.

2. It’s lighter on your budget 

Of course, travelling abroad is expensive, no matter where you go. Booking locally means you can plan your budget in your own currency and don’t have to worry about exchange rates. Many tourist attractions have special prices for South African citizens, too.

3. You’ll have more time 

Not having to sit on planes and airports for hours means you spend more time having fun. Destinations are closer and getting where you want to be is easier than flying overseas. No time difference also means no jet lag, bonus!

4. There is so much to discover

You might not think so, but there’s way more to South Africa than safari and Table Mountain (although those two are pretty awesome). Our diverse country offers remote camping spots, loads of adrenaline pumping adventure activities, idyllic beaches that are not overcrowded (try the West Coast) and a wealth of cultural heritage (have you ever been to the Cradle of Human kind?).

5. It’s convenient

Unless you’re rolling in cash and can afford to book all the most luxurious companies that will do almost everything but your packing for you, it’s hard work travelling overseas. Getting from place to place can be a hassle on public transport and struggling to get an activity booked in a foreign language can be terrifying. Plus, you’re already missing your biltong and milk tart when you look at the menu with no idea what’s on it.

Image: Instargam/VisitSouthAfrica

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