25 test COVID-19 positive in KwaZulu-Natal after attending wedding

25 test COVID-19 positive in KwaZulu-Natal after attending wedding

While many lockdown regulations were eased as we entered Level 3, there are many things that are still not allowed. Despite this, citizens seem to be losing patience and are breaking rules to participate in social gatherings, including weddings.

According to a report, 25 guests who attended a wedding in KwaZulu-Natal last weekend have now tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement on Sunday [July 12], The Premier of KwaZulu Natal, Sihle Zikalala, said: “Over the last seven days, we have noted with concern the number of infections that have been reported after people have attended gatherings such as ceremonies and funerals. In most of these engagements, measures like social distancing and wearing of masks have been disregarded.”

“In the past week, we have been made aware that a sizeable group was reported to have attended a wedding last weekend. In the end, a number of people from the wedding fell sick, and 25 from the group who attended a wedding tested positive. Today, some of them are occupying COVID – 19 beds in the health care facilities.” he added.

According to the government’s Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster most gatherings are still not allowed under lockdown level 3.

“All gatherings are prohibited except for a gathering at faith-based institution, which is limited to 50 persons or less, depending on the size of the place of worship: provided that all health protocols and social distancing measures are being adhered to as provided for in directions that have been issued by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs,” they said in a statement.

This may have led to some confusion as a wedding may take place in a religious institution, and thus may technically be performed. However, some have completely disregarded the regulations and have celebrated weddings fully, with no thought towards safety precautions.

The premier reminded citizens that the virus spreads faster than gatherings. “No one is immune or can be a ‘starring’ or the invincible main actor, on COVID-19 as there is no cure,” he said.

He urged everyone to stick to the regulations, because staying safe now will result in a safer, and healthier future. “By being safe today, we can be safe and together tomorrow. Ubumnandi, or fun, never ends. It has always been there. It will be there in future, when COVID – 19 is no longer a problem. But, if we disregard precautions we may compromise our lives and those we love,” he said.

KwaZulu-Natal recorded 23 751 infections, 280 deaths and 6,021 recoveries on Saturday. The numbers are increasing rapidly by the day, and regulations must be adhered to for the safety of everyone.

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