10 Unique engagement rings we absolutely adore

10 Unique engagement rings we absolutely adore

All engagement rings are unique in some way, sure. But some are more unique than others! Since it’s something you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life (hopefully), it’s quite a big deal that you love it. Some leave the ring-choosing to their significant other, while some make it very clear that if they are ever being proposed to, they want to choose the ring themselves.

We found some not-so-traditional rings. And you won’t believe your eyes.

1. I will rock you

This unpolished, earthy-looking ring has a very magical charm to it. Enough to melt a heart of stone.

2. What stone is that?

This ring is absolutely brilliant. The stone, called a Chrysoberyl, is a colour somewhere between honey and lime.


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WHAT STONE IS THAT? Meet Chrysoberyl! A hue of honey, with a tint of green, this beauty is the 3rd hardest stone after diamonds and sapphires, and comes in a range of colors. For his love’s engagement ring, Taylor wanted a stone that was slightly more green because it “looked like the color of her eyes.” I created this piece with scalloped bezel and clean band, and am so proud of how this stunner turned out. . . . #jewelrydesigner #chicagojewelrydesigner #customengagementring #customweddingrings #alternativebridal #chrysoberyl #vivianalanghoffdesign #vivianalanghoff #uniqueweddingrings #uniqueengagementring #ooakjewelry #ooak #chicagojewelry #chicagojewelrystore #logansquare #logansquarejewelry

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3. Moonlight fever

This ring is truly one of a kind. The multicolour moonstone is mesmerizing. We love it to the moon and back.

4. The darker side of love

This one is eye catching and surely not dainty, but beautiful in a fairy tale-kind of way.


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The loveliest diamond inclusions @toddreedjewelry

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5. Diamonds are forever

This brown diamond stole our hearts. Plain and simple.


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Light brown diamond @eriebasin

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5. Bouquet of love

This cluster ring looks like crystallized fruit and reminds us of laughter. How exquisite.

7. The galaxy on my finger

Opals are simply inexplicable. This looks like something out of this world.

8. Something from the sea

There’s no law that says engagement rings have to sport stones,. We love these freshwater pearls for soemthing different.

9. Love triangle

This is such a refreshing design and the rose gold just makes it pop. We are sold on these.

10. Open ending

This one is inspiring for many reasons, but mostly because it doesn’t try to outshine everything else. We love the way it catches the eye and the design truly complements the hand.


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