Where to go for your post-lockdown honeymoon

Where to go for your post-lockdown honeymoon

Keen to get planning on your post-lockdown honeymoon? Now is the time. If you and your loved one are avid travellers, listen up.

The global pandemic has forced most (if not all) countries to shut down worldwide, but some are slowly starting to open up for tourists again. While South Africans aren’t allowed to set foot outside the country yet, authorities say borders will likely open for outbound travel in 2021. That gives you just enough time to save up and look out for the best deals.

Several countries are already allowing tourists, including the European Union, Dubai, some south-east Asian countries and some African countries.

Other parts of the world that might take longer to recover are the United States and far east Asia, so don’t put your hopes on spending your honeymoon there just yet.

Here are our top picks of overseas honeymoon destinations that are welcoming visitors:


The EU will be allowing non-Schengen visitors from July, and we couldn’t be more excited. Some EU countries like Italy and Spain were extremely hard hit, so they will be welcoming tourists with open arms. Get ready to sip wine and stroll through cobbled streets.

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If you had your heart set on a glamorous shopping expedition, fear not. The United Arab Emirates is reopening its borders to tourists this July. Remember to plan your dates for a mild season, as summer in the middle east can get sweltering.

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If you had more of an island vacation in mind, you’re in luck. Mauritius has been declared coronavirus-free since April, and the country said it is excited to welcome visitors. Pack those sunnies and flip flops, margaritas under palm trees await.

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SAFETY IN (SMALL) NUMBERS: WHY NAMIBIA IS THE IDEAL POST-COVID TRAVEL DESTINATION. Gone are the days of masses of tourists rubbing shoulders to see the Colosseum in Rome or bumping into each other while exploring La Rambla in Barcelona. The new normal will be destinations where social distancing is easy and where a sense of safety is paramount because let’s face it, no one wants to be on holiday while simultaneously stressed about well-being. Having reached the halfway point of 2020, the entire world has its collective fingers crossed that the second half of the year will be considerably better than the first. It seems that each month has brought a new challenge, with the dark cloud of COVID-19 being the only constant. The only certainty in a year brimming with uncertainties. As I’m writing this, Namibia is one of few countries globally with less than 50 COVID cases, mostly thanks to our government’s progressive approach and rapid response to tackling the crisis. With certain countries slowly opening their borders again and more planning to follow suit later, they are hoping to resuscitate a tourism industry that has been ravaged by the unprecedented state the planet has found itself in. It will be interesting to see how travel and tourism will change in a post-COVID world. COVID-safe destinations will definitely be one of the main considerations – this is where Namibia has (and always had) one of the biggest competitive advantages: space. Loads of space! With a population of around 2.5 million people (equivalent to 0.03% of the total world population), Namibia is well-known for being one of the least densely populated countries. Its population density is just under three people per square kilometre, second only to Mongolia. Couch planning your next trip for when travelling is allowed again? Skip the crowds and rather opt for the ample expanses, endless vistas, clear blue skies and healthy fresh air of Namibia. We can’t wait to welcome you when the time is right to travel again. By Le Roux van Schalkwyk, @travel_news_namibia #travel #covid19 #postcovid #traveltomorrow #safetravel #space #namibia #travelnamibia #thisismynamibia #corona

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If you’re looking to be immersed in the bushveld, look no further than our neighbours to the north. Namibia is set to reopen borders and will likely have several fantastic special offers. Grab the binoculars and sun hats.

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The country is open for tourists but be warned that travelling there in the near future will require a quite flexible budget. Cambodia asks tourists to put down a significant deposit for COVID-19 related protocols, but for those who don’t mind, the tropical paradise awaits.

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This lovely eastern Caribbean island is a dream come true and you’ll be able to hop over soon.  The country opens for international visitors in July, so make sure your snorkel gear is ready and your sarong is packed.

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