Wedding traditions that sybolise unity

Wedding traditions that symbolise unity

A wedding is often considered the ultimate show of unity, between a couple. Two people are taking the biggest step that they can, to show that they are committed to living a life together, no matter what comes their way.

Some might say that a wedding ceremony on its own is enough celebrate this massive step. But what of symbolism and gestures?

If you’re the type of couple who appreciates a good symbolic gesture, then read on. Across the world, different cultures have developed various wedding practices that indicate unity. These are carried out at ceremonies and celebrations.

Here are some examples from around the world:

Blanket wrapping

In general, Native Americans partake in the practice of wrapping a newlywed couple in a quilt, to symbolise warmth and togetherness.

However, when it comes to the ancient Cherokee’s specifically, each partner is individually wrapped in a blue blanket, before an efficient blesses their marriage. Thereafter, they are covered in one white blanket.

The colour blue is said to represent their past lives and the white is symbolic of their dedication to ensuring there is peach in their new life.

Lighting a fire 

An old tradition in Africa uses fire to show the union of two families, by joining the embers of two flames from each family’s hearth.

These days, newlyweds may use a modification of this tradition, by lighting a fire together.

Circle the Groom 

Or the bride, for that matter.

In one Jewish tradition, one partner circles the other seven times to break down barriers between them, ensuring that they are unified. In the past, it was customary for the bride to circle the groom, however, these days each partner circles around the other.


This ancient Celtic practice requires the couple to tie their hands together. The bride and groom hold opposite hands, which means their arms make an 8 (or infinity). Thereafter, their hands are tied together with a ribbon.


Other practices, which are not connected to regions, cultures, or religions, can also be cute ways to show unity at your wedding.

Couples have planted trees together, created time capsules and painted one picture on one canvas together,

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