Wedding dresses to dip-dye for

Wedding dresses to dip-dye for

When it comes to weddings, the small unique details make every moment memorable. There’s simply no better way to personalise your dress than by adding hand-dipped colour details.

Artist Taylor Ann treats weddings dresses like canvases and creates amazing works of art that suit the exact style of each bride that dawns them.

Taylor takes a blank dress and adds a touch of personality that not only makes the dress look like a designer piece but also helps to incorporate the specific style and favourite colours of each woman who wears them.

“I’m just an Artist that wanted a wedding dress as colorful as my soul; then found out I wasn’t the only one.
Custom Bridal Art Creations are now my specialty.”

The dress that started it all was Taylor’s very own wedding dress. An image of her amazing Technicolor creation skyrocketed to fame being shared across social media and even featured in popular UK magazines.

The idea of incorporating shocking colours into a wedding dress took the world by storm.

What seemed as though it would be a once-off creation has turned into a booming business and brides all over the world are looking to have their dresses hand painted and dip-dyed.

Now Taylor specialises in helping brides bring the colours of their soul out onto their dresses and she doesn’t spare any work to make sure they’re perfect.

From sunsets to hand-painted flower details, the sky is the limit with this unique personalising technique.

Each work Taylor creates is different from the one before and truly gives each bride a masterpiece to wear on their special day.

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