Wedding DJ livestreams sets amid COVID-19 

Wedding DJ livestreams sets amid COVID-19 

Once again humans are showing that during times of difficulty, we can come together even in the smallest of ways. Those who have missed their wedding dates as a result of the pandemic are being creative with their backup celebrations, and this wedding DJ wanted to play his part.

Chris Bouchard, a Maine-based wedding DJ, has come up with another solution to make isolation weddings more meaningful. He has decided he will stream “Virtual Wedding Mixes” every Friday at 8pm. Couples can have their first dance, or have a dance party with their guests attending via Zoom, to the music solution that Bouchard is providing.

The Virtual Wedding Mixes will be streamed on Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, and other streaming services.

In a Facebook post, Bouchard expressed his sympathy for those who have had to cancel their wedding ceremonies. “This breaks our hearts,” he said.

“We want to provide couples from all over to join us live, every Friday, at 8pm to enjoy live wedding mixes. Dance the night away, make live requests, maybe enjoy a slow dance [or two] to some of the songs you would have had at your wedding reception in 2020,” he continued.

Bouchard noted that while – of course – nothing can replace the wedding reception, he and his team would like to provide listeners with some joy and to help them to forget about the negative impacts of coronavirus, even just for a moment.

“Every Friday night starting May 8, 2020 we will be celebrating with all of the couples that are still getting married and want to celebrate – or the couples that are putting everything off for another year and want to have a good time, too,” he said.

For professionals such as Bouchard, this time is exceptionally tough as they are losing their main, if not only, source of income. Bouchard told News Centre Maine that if things are slow to open and get pushed to August or September he could easily lose all of his income for this year.

Looking at it from this perspective, Bouchards gesture is even more meaningful.

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