Wedding anniversary symbols and meanings

Wedding anniversary symbols and meanings

The milestones don’t end after you get married. Every year holds new significance, with a particular symbol to represent it. If you’re about to celebrate an anniversary, you might want to take a tip from these traditional wedding anniversary symbols and their meanings.

Year 1: The traditional gift is paper, to symbolise the fragility of marriage and the need to look after it carefully. For a gift, a necklace with a charm in the shape of a paper plane would be fitting.

Year 2: Cotton is the traditional gift, meant to symbolise the strength and flexibility of your union. Consider purchasing matching bathrobes or branded pillowcases to celebrate.

Year 3: This year’s symbol, leather, represents strength and security. To honour it, gift your partner with a handbag or monogrammed wallet.

Year 4: This anniversary symbol is quite literal. Fruits and flowers represent the flowering of your marriage and the resulting fruits of your labour, or in other words, your happiness. Celebrate with fruit-scented products or gardening tools.

Year 5:  Trees have always represented strength and wisdom, which makes wood a perfect symbol for a five year anniversary. A wooden clock or jewellery box would make excellent gifts.

Year 6: This anniversary celebrates the sweetness of your marriage, which is why sugar/candy is the symbol. Take your partner out for their favourite sweet treats in honour of the day.

Year 7: Copper and wool both produce heat, and are thus representative of the warmth couples provide each other. Gift your loved one with copper homeware or woollen clothing items.

Year 8: Bronze is the symbol of your eighth year together. As bronze is made of copper and tin, it represents the blending of two elements creating a stronger product. Bronze homeware or a sculpture would make for excellent gifts.

Year 9: From a simple lump of clay, potters can craft a beautiful work of art. It thus makes sense that pottery would be your ninth anniversary symbol. Celebrate with pots, pans or ceramics.

Year 10: Tin/Aluminium has the ability to last forever, and hopefully, your marriage does too. Vases, goblets, paperweights or homeware make great gifts.

Year 15: Crystal represents beauty and investment. There are so many great gift options, such as vases, wine glasses, dishes, bowls, candle holders and jugs.

Year 20: China is elegant yet fragile and requires care and consideration, just like your love. Purchase china ornaments, mugs, jugs, plates, bowls, vases or flower pots in honour of this anniversary.

Year 25: As an incredibly valuable and precious metal, silver makes for a fitting 25-year anniversary symbol. Jewellery would be the perfect gift for this year.

Year 30: Pearl represents a hidden beauty that is crafted over the years. Pearl jewellery or something encrusted with pearls is the obvious gift of choice here.

Year 35: Coral was once believed to have magical powers that prevent sickness and harm. Likewise, in your relationship, you do all you can to protect your partner from harm. Gift your partner with coral jewellery or simply just something in the colour.

Year 40: Ruby is one of the most sought-after gems, representing love and passion. The obvious gift for this anniversary would be a ruby, most likely in the form of jewellery.

Year 45: Sapphire is the stone of royalty and wisdom, making it the perfect gem to celebrate a love this long.

Year 50:  Gold symbolises strength and prosperity, richly shining bright. It is the perfect crowning glory for a 50 year run. Celebrate with new wedding bands and renewing your vows.

Year 55: Emerald is the stone for lovers, signifying true love and adoration. Let your partner know how you feel with emerald jewellery.

Year 60: Nothing shines brighter than a diamond. This strong stone represents undying love, making it incredibly fitting for a 60-year marriage.

Year 65: Blue sapphire is symbolic of loyalty, integrity and inner peace. Any relationship that lasted this long would have to have all of these traits.

Year 70: Platinum is rare and can weather anything, just like a 70 year marriage. Honour your long-term commitment with beautiful platinum jewellery.

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