To hire a wedding planner or DIY?

To hire a wedding planner or DIY?

With a million things to decide on, from cakes, decor, and venue amongst others, making the decision whether to hire a wedding planner or to do everything yourself is a tricky decision.

The logistics can take away from the thrill of enjoying your big day. It’s no wonder so many choose to hire a wedding planner to plan their big day so they can focus on the fun.

While wedding planners are more experienced and flexible, those who want 100% control will probably be better doing doing it themselves.

If you enjoy planning and doing things yourself then, by all means, you should plan your wedding. This can also be another way to save money because it will cost you less than having to pay a professional.

Here are the pros and cons of hiring a planner.

The Pros

– Your wedding will have an expert look to give it the extra flair and beauty

– You will not worry about things going wrong, because that is not your responsibility

– Pros already know who to call and for what  to make your big day amazing

– Your budget gets a professional eye and you will get a fresh perspective of ideas

The Cons

– You will lose some control over the planning of your own wedding

– You will spend more money paying a professional than you would if you were doing it yourself

– You may have a difficult time trusting someone with every detail, and have disagreements from time to time

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