'The wedding crasher' is coming to steal your wedding gifts

‘The wedding crasher’ is coming to steal your wedding gifts

Gatecrashing, party crashing or wedding crashing is the act of pitching up to an event uninvited. After watching The Wedding Crashers (2005) one assumes that crashing a wedding is a great way to meet single people. One woman in Texas has a different approach when crashing weddings.

The Comal County Sheriff’s Office shared a post on Facebook explaining, “this elusive suspect has been dubbed “The Wedding Crasher.” The Wedding Crasher has been frequenting wedding events not only in Comal County, but surrounding counties as well, preying on unsuspecting families and friends. The suspect arrives uninvited to weddings, poses as a guest and then steals the gifts.”

She’s known as ‘the wedding crasher’ and has hit four nuptials so far. She arrived at the weddings uninvited and poses as a guest. So how does she walk out with big boxes and beautifully wrapped gifts?

It has been reported that she’s only stealing envelopes and gift cards. ‘The wedding crasher’ has already gone shopping with the vouchers and all the footage has been sent to authorities.

The Comal County Sheriff’s Office is offering a reward of $4000 (R61 000) for any information about the woman that may help with her arrest.

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