The sustainable bride and what she's wearing

The sustainable bride and what she’s wearing

Social trends are moving towards sustainability, therefore directly impacting the way we think about the environment around us. These trends have become more apparent as we are consciously making decisions about what we put in our bodies, as well as where we buy our clothes. This growing awareness has changed the way we see waste and pushed us into being more aware of recycling, repurposing, biodegradable elements and ethically sourced products.

Subsequently, the idea of sustainability has trickled down into weddings. Thanks to the popularity of conscious fashion, there has been a burst of innovations, fashion brands and accessibility. As a result, brides are offered a variety of options in the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. Many well-known designers now offer women a sustainable collection or range, and we believe that it’s only the beginning.

Below are a few stand-out designers and why we love them:

Stella McCartney


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Stella is known for her work in sustainability and being at the forefront of a conscious movement. The designer has launched a vegan-friendly, eco-friendly bridal collection, with designs that are effortless and beautiful, while still keeping with the iconic ‘Stella’ aesthetic. Stella’s first bridal collection ranges from lace, chiffon to couture fabrics.



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A California based clothing brand that pioneers the ethos of sustainability. Reformation creates beautiful silhouettes for every size, complemented with eco-friendly fabrics. The brand uses deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothing that allows for a truly unique design.

Lunar Life


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The South African based fashion and lifestyle brand is headed by two powerhouse ladies and has a design aesthetic that is inspired by nature, while their use of materials is a mindful expression of the core brand values. For the bride that seeks a touch of uniqueness on her wedding day, Lunar Life might be your winner.



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At Minna, also known as Indiebride London, dresses are made to order, which means the fit and shape of the dress is completely perfected to suit your body. Indiebride’s aesthetics are simple and classic – they play on the theme of bohemian chic. The brand offers in-house handcrafted dresses which promote artisans and encourages brides to work hand-in-hand with the artisan creating their dress. Materials are seen as precious and little to no waste is made, so off-cuts are often donated to students or organizations.

Deborah Lindquist


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Deborah Lindquist gowns are for style-savvy, but eco-conscious brides. Garments are created from a mixture of vintage/upcycled, organic fabrics and each creation is unique and limited. Deborah has designed gowns for celebrities such as Sharon Stone, Pink, Jessica Alba and Rihanna. Will you be next?

By Mia Smith

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