The chameleon: Colour-shifting alexandrite engagement rings

The chameleon: Colour-shifting alexandrite engagement rings

Diamond’s are a girls best friend but gemstones are so mysterious and make an excellent choice for the alternative bride’s engagement ring.

Alexandrites are unique, colour-changing gemstones that are as mesmerising as they are beautiful. If you want a unique stone to centre your engagement ring, this gem is the perfect choice. Here’s what you need to know.

Modern June birthstone alexandrite is a rare variety of chrysoberyl. This unique gem is pleochroic, meaning its colour appears to change depending on the lighting it is in. During the day, the stone ranges from a more greenish-blue to dark yellowish-green. Candlelight makes the stone appear pink or red, because of the way the mineral absorbs light.

This phenomenon is so unique that it has been coined the ‘alexandrite effect’. Many experts consider it an emerald by day and ruby by night due to its colour shifts.

The stone was discovered in 1834 in emerald mines in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Legend states that its discovery coincided with the day Russian tsar Alexander II came of age, which is what inspired the stone’s name. It soon became the national stone of Russia during its tsarist regime as its red and green colours reflected that of old Imperial Russia.

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Alexandrite scores an 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it quite durable. Its price depends on its colour, as the stronger shades rack up more money. Those that display both warm and cool tones are top of the line. They are still cheaper than diamonds, making them a more affordable and unique option for an engagement ring.

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