Say I do with a ring tattoo

Say I do with a ring tattoo

More and more young couples are moving away from wedding traditions. From having both parents and siblings walk the bride down the aisle, to not throwing the bouquet, and now swopping out wedding bands for tattoos.


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The exchange of wedding bands after saying “I do” is symbolic of tradition. Unfortunately though, wedding bands can be removed, stolen or lost. You could also be the indecisive type, like my mother, who has melted down and re-designed her wedding band, as the original was everything but timeless.

For men, wearing a wedding band may be a bit unappealing. My father for example, never wore his wedding band. When I asked him why I got a simple, “I hate wearing jewelry”. He instead kept it and gave it to me when I turned 13. I now wear it on a thin silver necklace.

Getting a tattoo on your ring finger is more appealing to some, especially those looking to move away from traditional norms. Those who do not enjoy wearing jewelry can opt for a more edgy symbol of their eternal commitment to their partner. A tattoo is far more permanent than a wedding band after all.


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Matching wedding tattoos are also an option for couples. Or alternatively, you can pair your wedding bands with a wedding tattoo underneath. Getting a tattoo together is also a unique bonding experience.


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There are many wedding band tattoo designs out there. From Roman Numerals of your wedding date, to each other’s initials, to an actual ring design to Mr and Mrs – Mr and Mr – or Mrs and Mrs, to something simple as a single thin band. If you are interested in exploring the idea, click here.

If you’re already married, then getting a wedding band tattoo as a sort of vow-renewal, or as an anniversary gift could also be an option.

We saw Beyoncé and Jay Z get matching “IV” tattoos, Dax Shepard has a ‘bell’ tattoo on his ring finger for his wife Kirsten Bell and Behati Prinsloo’s has three dots on her ring finger too. The symbolism of a permanent wedding band tattoo emphasises the eternal commitment of being married. There is nothing more romantic than that.

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