Taiwanese same-sex couples tie the knot at military base for the first time

Taiwanese same-sex couples tie the knot at military base for the first time

Taiwan has set the precedent for Asia to grow the gay rights movement. The city became the first place in the region to allow same-sex marriage in May 2019 after a political fight.

Since the Taiwanese government made same-sex marriages legal, over 4000 couples have registered their marriages. Among them were two Taiwanese female soldiers and their civilian same-sex partners, who joined close to 200 couples who walked in the army base in northern Taoyuan county before exchanging vows at an outdoor ceremony.

This is a first for the island’s armed forces, which regularly hosts mass weddings for staff.

During their big day, Lieutenant Chen Ying-hsuan addressed the masses and said that was another big step forward for the military.

“I hope more same-sex couples can bravely stand out. The military is open and we are all equal in front of love,” she told reporters.

“Our love is no different than any heterosexual couple,” added her partner,  Li Li-chen. “We are here today in the hope that more same-sex couples will join the next (mass wedding).”

Major Wang Yiand her partner Yumi Meng waved rainbow flags as they posed for photos with family in front of an armoured vehicle. The military same-sex wedding gained traction on social media when were posted on the army’s Facebook page earlier this week.

A lot of people were happy about this and sent positive congratulatory messages.

The island will hold its annual gay pride march on Saturday, with large crowds expected in one of the few places that have managed to successfully defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

Picture/s: Facebook / Taiwan Army

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