Safe ways to celebrate your recent engagement

Safe ways to celebrate your recent engagement

Just said ‘Yes’? Congratulations! What is typically an exciting moment is somewhat dampened by the global pandemic, as we cannot celebrate with one another as we used to.

If you still want to honour your big news, fear not. There are still ways to celebrate with your closest friends and family without putting them at risk amid the pandemic.

Here are a few ideas:

Hold a (virtual) celebration:

Just because you can’t be together physically does not mean you cannot celebrate! Host your festivities via online platforms like Facetime, Skype or Zoom.

You can still make it fun by decorating your home and having your ‘guests’ dress up. Planning a themed event makes it extra special and gives your friends and family something to dress up for. For an extra sweet touch, have small thank you gifts delivered to your guests’ homes after the celebration.

Drive-by party:

Your loved ones can attend your event from the safety of their cars, ensuring that all safety precautions are met while still giving you the feeling of their presence.

When choosing the location of the drive-by, ensure that it is a wide-open, public space. This will mean that everyone driving by will be able to clearly see you. You could even do it in your front yard if you have space and don’t have walls.

Set up a spot to show yourselves off, for example, you can decorate fancy chairs as thrones for you to sit on as your parade drives by. Assign a close relative or friend the role of head driver. This ensures that there is somebody leading the cars to your location, and allows for some sort of order for the drive-by.

Take engagement photos:

You’ll want to remember this moment for the rest of your life, so it makes sense to document your engagement. Photographers were hit hard by the pandemic, and hiring one is a great way to give back to small business.

Keep COVID-19 protocols in mind by having your photographer work from a safe distance with a mask on and have sanitiser on hand.

After you receive your pictures, have them printed and framed or emailed to your friends and family so that they can feel like they are a part of your special moment.

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