You'll be spoiled for choice on your honeymoon at Sabi Sands Game Reserve

You’ll be spoiled for choice on your honeymoon at Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Known as one of the most famous private game reserves and neighbour to South Africa’s crown jewel the Kruger National Park, Sabi Sands Game Reserve offers guests a safari experience like no other in the world. Enjoy your chance to see the Big Five, luxurious accommodation to suit any taste, spectacular views and bird watching galore.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve was previously agricultural land. Due to all the cattle that appeared in the area, there was a great need for a reliable water source on the farms. In order for this water to be provided, boreholes had to be drilled to ensure that there was a steady supply of water. Years after Sabi Sands Game Reserve was established, all the boreholes that were drilled are still in perfect working condition. They now provide not only the cattle on surrounding farms with water but also all the wildlife on the game reserve, making Sabi Sands a prevalent place for great herds of animals.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve is home to many different lodges that all have something unique to offer. Some are luxurious, while others are simplistic and very affordable. The best part about Sabi Sands accommodation rates is the fact that all meals and safari activities are included.

Chitwa Chitwa Lodge

The style of the lodge is art inspired with a fusion of African tradition and culture. The largest Sabi Sands lakes are in perfect view upon staying at the Chitwa Chitwa lodge. Its design encompasses a large amount of space and cosy camping grounds, which reflects a sophisticated and serene atmosphere. It includes eight suites each with its own plunge pool.

Ulusaba Game Reserve

The reserve includes breathtaking views of soothing greenery such as hills and trees. Ulusaba Private Game Reserve is a member of Virgin Limited Edition’s award-winning compilation of retreats.

Notten’s Bush Camp

The lodge is elegant and tranquil.  Notten’s is one of the original family-run lodges in Africa, and is undoubtedly a gem within the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. Being one of the original lodges on the reserve, its atmosphere is magical and offers a unique African safari experience.

Lion Sands Game Reserve

Filled with serenity, the award-winning Lion Sands is the only private reserve to have access to the perennial Sabie River, which it shares with Kruger National Park. You will find five beautiful lodges here, so there’s always one that will suit your taste!

Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

Sabi Sabi focuses on the present, past and future. Within the Sabi Sands, Sabi Sabi comprises three gorgeous themed camps: yesterday’s colonial romance, today’s classic bush experience, and tomorrow’s African renaissance.

Singita Sabi Sands Lodges

Private and conservative, Singita’s guests have the opportunity to explore and experience this amazing part of Africa. It includes 45 000 acres and leopard sightings are a regular experience.

Dulini Game Reserve

The Dulini Game Reserve has some of the most amazing lodges such as Dulini River Lodge, Leadwood Lodge and Dulini Lodge, each providing its own form and taste of luxury in a rugged bushveld setting.

Elephant Plains Lodge

Elephant Plains Lodge offers guests a comfy and stylish stay with reasonably priced luxury. This is a family-owned lodge and can accommodate up to 24 guests at a time.

Arathusa Safari Lodge

The lodge depicts a classic lakeside safari.  Arathusa is the place to try out if you’re looking for an affordable wildlife and safari experience in a traditional camping site. The chalets at this lodge have amazing lakeside views, which allow you to grab a chair and watch some of the game right where you stay.

Leopard Hills Lodge

Filled with hilltop grandeur, at this lodge you can expect to see breathtaking views of the African bush. It offers eight luxury suits and the best safari stay, where you are able to relax in your personal swimming pool and watch the sunset from your bedroom.

& Beyond Kirkman’s Kamp

This lodge is known to be a well-known historic camping site that was originally built in the 1920s. It exudes feelings of luxury in an early rural living space, with a touch of classic style and an ambience like no other.

Nkorho Bush Lodge

The lodge is stylish yet modest. This lodge can accommodate 12 guests in stylish thatched-roof chalets, offering guests the attention they require. With en suite bathrooms and spacious rooms, who wouldn’t want to stay here?

Londolozi Game Reserve

Londolozi is one of the groundbreaking Private Game Reserves of the ecotourism commerce in South Africa and is family-run, with the option of five chalets to choose from.

Savanna Game Lodge

Classic with touches of semi-tented Savannah, this lodge is an old time favourite and a true South African lodge. Situated in perfect view of the Big Five at just about any point of the day, it’s definitely a lodge loved by guests.

Idube Game Lodge

This lodge offers an affordable African Safari. Idube Game Lodge is family-owned and located in a crucial game area. An array of animals can be seen close to the lodge daily, with suites that include their own private deck, making them great for guests to view the wildlife.

Inyati Safari Lodge

Inyati Game Lodge is located right on the banks of the Sand River, offering the most amazing views. Recently all of its chalets were refurbished offering a luxurious stay.

Silvan Safari Lodge

The Silvan safari lodge depicts a deep love and understanding for Africa; these are the main elements that characterise the story of Silvan Safari Lodge. If you need your spirit to be uplifted and fall in love with Africa, this is the place to be.

Cheetah Plains Lodge

Soulful and affordable with beautiful ethnic designs and eight luxury rooms, the Cheetah Plains Lodge offers an experience like no other, with amazing service. If you’re looking to experience a raw African safari, this is the perfect place for you.

Umkumble Safari Lodge

Umkumble Safari Lodge promises guests a personal rustic and real safari experience, with six affordable lodges in view of the Sand River.

Mala Game Reserve

With years of experience in service, Mala Game Reserve offers some of the finest safari experiences. Guests are able to relax in a peaceful and scenic environment that is both stylish and elegant.

Simbambili Game Lodge

Simbambili Game Lodge is the perfect lodge themed around Moroccan simplicity and sophistication. Its one of a kind views like no other.

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